iOS 13: Every new feature you need to know about right now

İOS 13, Apple’s newest software for iPhones, is set to bring a slew of features when it launches this fall, taking on Google’s Android Q OS once again in a never-ending battle for your heart and soul. Sounds dramatic, but with Android on about 90% of the world’s phones, iOS 13 has its work cut out for it to maintain its status and reputation. In it, sweeping new features butt up against small tweaks that are meant to make your life a little easier. Dark modenew photos tools and a swipe-able keyboard are some of the bigger hitters, with new Maps tools, security features and the ability to customize Memoji avatars folded in for good measure. While Apple highlighted some key features, keep in mind that the company often reserves some surprises for the iPhone reveal each September. There may be more features still to come. (Make sure your iPhone’s compatible with iOS 13.)

One big change to iOS 13 is that it doesn’t directly fuel the iPad. Apple split off a new OS just for tablets called iPadOS. The new iPadOS is based on iOS for iPhone, so you’ll find similarities with the phone’s core features there.

The iOS 13 unveiling at Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference comes just weeks after Google, Silicon Valley’s other titan of tech, trickled out more details about Android Q, Apple’s chief software rival. Today with iOS 13, it’s Apple’s turn to woo app-makers and wow future buyers with everything that iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 will soon be able to do.

Apple’s ability to engage buyers with iOS 13 is particularly important in 2019. The iPhone-maker has seen iPhone sales slow in step with competitors across the board. Meanwhile, the next iPhones will likely lag behind other Android rivals in key features like support for 5G speeds, periscope zoom and a standalone night modefor ultraclear camera shots. But over the years, Apple has proven that it can create must-have software tools and apps, like FaceTime video and iMessage.

The iOS 13 developer beta is available now, with the final version coming to iPhones this fall. Look for the public iOS 13 beta to arrive in July. (How you can download iOS 13 beta right now.) See all of today’s Apple news.

Dark mode for all

Dark mode, which replaces a light screen with a dark screen, comes across core apps in iOS 13, including the calendar, music, and photos apps. This appears to be system-wide, but we’ll need to see if there are any exceptions. Dark mode is a popular trend across apps, and will come to Android Q, too.

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That swipey keyboard

Android users have been swiping their keyboards to type for years, through a number of third-party apps, like Swype and Swiftype. At long last, Apple has added the ability, letting you trace a word to spell it out.

Apple calls it QuickPath Typing. In theory, it’s faster and just as accurate as pecking away at the virtual keyboard, and you still get spelling suggestions as you go along.

The feature is especially useful for one-handed typing.



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